Friday, August 23, 2013

Baby Breakfast

[It would have been more appropriate if I would have named this post "Toddler Breakfast," but alas I did not because most of the time I still refer to my twins as "babies." Moving on.]

My friend Julie has made these really healthy pumpkin pancakes for her daughter, Finley, for a long time now and when my "babies" got old enough to eat things of that sort I asked her for the recipe. (I love being able to glean tricks of the trade from smart mommies who started into motherhood before me.)

I've made them 3 times now and I learned that when feeding two hungry mouths at a time, it's better to multiply the recipe roughly 7 times in order to make a big enough batch to make the process worthwhile. Also, after standing at the stove top messily pouring, burning, and flipping pancakes I decided that there had to be a better way to make them in mass quantities. I tried several different baking dishes and I've come to the conclusion that thinly spreading the batter evenly onto parchment lined cookie sheets is the best option. 

I found that baking each sheet at 350º for about 10-15 minutes worked really well. After letting the sheet cool completely, I slid the parchment and baked "pancakes" off the cookie sheet and cut it into squares. I placed the squares in a large ziploc baggy, alternating layers of pancakes with layers of wax paper/freezer paper and put them in the freezer. At breakfast time I just pop them in the toaster (like a frozen waffle) until they're warm throughout and serve them up.

The "babies" love them and I feel so good feeding them these pancakes because they are such an easy healthy option. I know I'm always needing ideas to feed my little ones, so I wanted to pass this along (and get it documented for me to refer back to). Feel free to comment with any recipe ideas for self-feeding babies/toddlers. I would love to have them! 

 adapted from source

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 10-15 minutes

1 15 oz can pumpkin
1 3/4 cups cottage cheese
4 1/2 cups old fashioned oats
8 eggs
4 tsp cinnamon
8 tbsp honey
Note: Quantities have been multiplied ~7x from source recipe to make a large freezer batch

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and blend with an immersion blender until batter is relatively smooth and all ingredients are fully mixed. Thinly spread batter evenly onto parchment lined cookie sheets and bake at 350º for about 10-15 minutes or until firm and edges slightly harden. Let the cookie sheet cool completely and slide parchment along with baked "pancakes" off cookie sheet and cut into uniform squares. 

Freezer prep:
Place the pancake squares in a large ziploc baggy, alternating layers of squares with layers of wax paper/freezer paper and freeze. To serve put 3-4 squares into toaster (like a frozen waffle) until warm throughout and serve.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Grady & Wren: 15 Months

Grady's Stats: 18 lbs 6 oz / 28.5 inches
Normal Growth Chart: Less than 1st percentile for weight, 2nd percentile for height

Wren's Stats: 19 lbs 7 oz /  30 inches
Normal Growth Chart: 22nd percentile for weight, 27th percentile for height

Grady's Clothing & Diaper Size: 12 month sleepers and 12 month onesies/one-piece outfits; Size 4 diapers. 

Wren's Clothing & Diaper Size: 12 month sleepers and 12-18 month onesies/dresses; Size 4 diapers. 

Special Outings: I enrolled you in Mother's Day Out (MDO) 2 days a week and your first day was Tuesday, August 20, 2013. I didn't make this choice lightly and I was highly conflicted about it. As soon as I got to my car after dropping you off on the first day, I started crying and continued to do so the whole way home. I had to call daddy so he could comfort me. I worried the whole time you were there and was so excited to go pick you up. Your teachers told me you barely fussed and did great. They asked me if you had been to a MDO program before because they were so impressed with how well you did. Here is a snap shot of your 1st "report cards." ;)

After we got home from your 1st day of MDO you both ran around the living room squealing and smiling from ear to ear. You were clearly pumped up from having had such a good time at "school." I tried not to have my feelings hurt by the fact that you loved your time away from me. ;) I truly am grateful that your first day went so well and that you adjusted wonderfully to being in a completely new environment surrounded by people you had never met before.

Clearly, you all didn't want to pose for your Mama to take a 1st 2nd Day of MDO pic...

Our "in front of school" pose...we have to travel with the tandem stroller, it's really the 
only feasible way to transport you 2 in and out of any establishment when I'm by myself

Milestones: You began taking your first steps right when you turned 14 months (on July 6, 2013) and from that day forward you've improved daily with your ability to walk. You are now using walking as your primary means of movement. It is still so funny to see you all walk around the house and follow me from room to room as I do things.

Grady, you have a total of 14 teeth (6 bottom teeth and 8 top teeth)! Wren, you have a total of 9 teeth (4 bottom teeth and 5 top teeth).

Wren, at 13 months you decided you'd like to pick up the paci habit and you've been inseparable from it ever since. I willingly obliged because at that exact point in time you had grown rather fussy and it gave you great comfort and brought peace back to our household. :) Grady, around 14 months you decided you didn't want a paci near your mouth and would violently push it away if we offered it to you. You broke yourself of the habit and now you don't have it to soothe you at naptime/bedtime or when you get upset. The nights following your paci breakup were a little rough, but it's mostly fine now.

My Thoughts: I can't believe it's been 3 months since your last update! I no longer have monthly stickers for your onesies and I don't plan on continuing to do updates every single month. There are no "official" 15 Month pictures in the leather chair at the beginning of this update, but I know that when you're grown you probably won't care or feel slighted in the least. ;) I'm giving myself more grace and trying to relax a smidge with documenting your every move. I want to savor each moment and be present in it rather than arranging it to be blog-able. I'm still trying to get over the fact that I didn't take pics of you on your 1st day of MDO. (The reason behind the lack of a 1st day pic was because I was doing the best I could to get your lunches and bags packed and get you up to the church on time in my weak, ragged post tummy bug condition.) Your uncooperative 2nd Day of MDO pics will just have to do. But hey, that's real life!

These days our routine looks roughly like this:
8:00am-8:30am Wake up
9:00am Eat Breakfast
11:00am-12:00pm Nap (sometimes longer)
12:30pm Eat Lunch
3:00pm-4:00pm Nap (not every day)
5:00pm Eat Dinner
7:30pm Bedtime

Sadly (for me) you are trying to rid yourselves of 2 naps a day. Some days you take one longer nap towards the middle of the day. This is mostly due to changes in your circadian rhythm. The addition of your new MDO schedule will probably solidify this change soon. I was selfishly hoping you wouldn't drop your 2nd nap until closer to 18 months.

Favorites: Wren, your favorites are your paci, your blankie, your gray plush bunny, a blue hippo bath toy, watching Sesame Street, and sitting on the couch like a big girl (usually while watching Sesame Street). Grady, your favorites are your blankie, your brown plush bunny, a talking Elmo toy (passed down from your cousin Michael), and watching Sesame Street.

Dislikes:  The end of meal time, seeing other people eat when you aren't, being prevented from playing with the remote control, iPhone, iPad, or Macbook, and being dropped off at the church nursery or MDO.

This is what happens when I try to feed myself lunch (after I've fed you all & Ruby)

Food: You eat peanut butter sandwiches, regular sandwiches, mum mums, puffs, waffles, pumpkin pancakes, bananas, avocados, yogurt, applesauce, hummus, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, quesadillas, barbecue, pizza, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, fajita meat, black beans, red beans, tortillas, pineapple, grapefruit, green beans, potato salad, mac & cheese, pasta dishes, and bread of any kind. (I'm sure I'm leaving off some foods that you eat on a regular basis, but the previous list is a pretty good picture of what you currently like.) You still also eat pureed fruit and veggie pouches to supplement your "big people" food.

Here's a BIG insta-recap from the past 3 months:

I love my Sister Bear

A lovely evening...dinner and a stroll at the lake

Ruby often retreats to her crate (no idea why) but finds no solace there...

Look who found the paci stash and decided at 13 
months that she is now interested in using them...

Father's Day eve fun at Classen Curve/Tucker's

Happy Father's Day 2013

1st Swim on Father's Day

Yay for family swim time!

Documenting the 1st swim

Wren, Granddad, & Grady on Father's Day 2013

Keeping them safe and occupied while unloading groceries out of the car

Sister having fun in the sun

Bubs loves him some water!

Trying out the new big kid carseats

Hitting so many milestones at once (big kid carseats, no more bottles, & bigger jammie 
size) makes it feel like you are growing at a faster than usual pace these days

Snuggles with sissy

Playing tickle monster with the Grady Man

Wren catching bubbles with Great G'pa C

Bubbles with PaPa and Great G'pa C

This guy (who's into shutting doors lately) shut himself in the nursery while I was tending to his sister in the other room. When I opened the door to get him, this is what I found...

My little Wren is pretty proud of her new found perch

Family fun day at the zoo 
(Despite their expressions, the babes really did have fun)

Tuckered from all the zoo fun

 Love this grin!

 4th of July 2013

Immediately after telling Sissy to, "love your bubba"

Modeling her new dress

Bedtime stories

She's so gangsta

Target shoppers

 Goofy Grady

1st updo

"Baby Mine" muses for my Disney Magic show

 My heart melts when I'm cuddling with my sweet Grady and he reaches for my hand.
I never want to forget these moments.

Grady meeting a horse for the 1st time at the 
Disney Magic cast party. Wren wanted no part of it.

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