Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Paper or Plastic?

Paper or plastic? Neither! I have my own grocery bags now. I had been wanting my own set of grocery bags for a while, but just hadn't forked over the money to buy a whole set. I probably went over board, because I bought 10 of these...

I found these bags while browsing through Pier 1 about a month ago. I didn't buy any then because I wanted to keep my eyes open for any that I liked better. Today on my way home from work I decided I would look no more and I stopped by Pier 1 again, this time to make the purchase.

I took my first grocery outing with them tonight while Tom was mowing the yard. I didn't need as many groceries as normal so I only actually filled 3 of them. The sackers filled them pretty full so they were pretty heavy. In the future I think I will ask the sackers to load them on the lighter side so they are easier to pick up.

I also bought a mini version to use as a lunch sack.

I love them! They have the cutest flowers and birdies on them. The ones I bought aren't on Pier 1's website but you can see the damask patterned ones here.
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