Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Man it has been super hot this week! I'm not sure what the thermometer actually read, but I know the heat index was in the 100's. Gross! All I have to say is I am so thankful for A/C.

Three words describe this past summer weekend: fun, busy, & HOT! Our weekend fun technically started on Thursday with our friends Daniel and Lindsay's wedding rehearsal and dinner. We were so excited to celebrate this exciting time with them, and Tom was honored to be able to stand up with Daniel as a groomsman. Their wedding was on Friday night at the Old Trinity of Paseo. (Click the link to read about the history of this building, it was originally from Canada.) Everything was beautiful and charming, and Old Trinity is such a wonderful place to get married.

The happy couple.

Saturday our nephew Michael on my side wanted to come stay with his Aunt Sara and Uncle Tom, so we picked him up and we had all kinds of fun playing on the Wii, eating pizza, watching movies, coloring, going to the park, eating fro yo at Pink Swirl with Grammy and Granddad (my mom and dad), and playing with Ruby. Ruby and Michael are best buds now.

Playing in the park was H-O-T, Hot! After we got back from the park it didn't take Ruby long to figure out how to cool down.

After we got Michael all settled in and ready for bed Saturday night, Ruby hopped up to snuggle with him and they fell asleep together. It was so darn cute!

We all got up Sunday morning and went to church. Michael went to a Pre-K Sunday school class. Then we took him into big church with us because I was helping lead worship, so we thought he would think it was neat to see me sing. Tom said about 3 minutes into the worship service Michael said, "Can I go back into my class now?" Ha! Guess worship with Aunt Sara wasn't as fun as playing in the sandbox.
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  1. Sara, it was so nice to meet Michael at church on Sunday. He was so polite and I'm sure he had a great weekend with you and Tom. Sounds like you did a ton of fun stuff! -Kyla