Sunday, January 30, 2011

All You Need is Love

Earlier this month I got the Valentine's decorations out of the attic and realized I wanted a few more finishing touches to make it complete. On Thursday I found the cutest wreath at Target for the front door, along with some Valentine blocks in the cheapy section at the front. I got 2 sets of the blocks because they were only $2.50 for a set of four. They are pink and red and either spell LOVE, HUGS, KISS, or XOXO depending on how you arrange them. Today I went to Michael's with my MIL and she bought me 2 apothecary jars (one with a 40% of coupon and the other with a 25% off coupon). I already had 1 apothecary jar and wanted to add 2 more to make a grouping of three. At Michael's I also found some 40% off heart ornaments to use as filler in the 3 jars.

Target wreath

Now that I've shown you my Valentine's Day decor, I wanted to add something I just thought of. A little over 5 years ago (before we bought our house) I remember telling my mom that decorating for all the smaller holidays was cheesy and hokey. I believe I even told her, "I will never do that when I get my own house." Well, now I'm all about it. So, I guess I've become cheesier/hokier since I said that. :/ Never say never I guess!

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