Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You Know You're Getting Older When...

For me, the following are telltale signs that I am getting older:

Today, my breakfast consisted of oatmeal, a hard boiled egg, and hot tea.
*Please note, before a few weeks ago, I would not have touched oatmeal with a 10-foot pole. And I have never cared for tea (much less hot tea), until about a year ago.

I asked my mom and dad for a Shark steam mop/vac for Christmas, and it throughly excites me. I love that thing!
*This may be due to me being an OCD clean freak rather than getting older.

I quite often listen to NPR on my commute to and from work.
*It's either that or my ipod, and occasionally I just enjoy total silence.

Sometimes I choose not to go to certain restaurants because they are too loud.
*Yeah, yeah - Just call me granny and tell me to turn my hearing aides down. No really, the louder the restaurant, the more I have to repeat myself when sitting across the table talking to Tom. He has the hearing of an 80 year old man.

I have actually caught myself saying the phrase, "Kids these days."
*Who am I, my father? (He actually says that.)

The songs that I listened to on Magic 104.1 (the adult contemporary radio station) as a child while riding around in the car with my parents are now on KOMA (the oldies radio station).
*For example, KOMA was playing Don Henley's "Boys of Summer" from 1984 the other day. How is an 80's song considered oldies?? I think they're jumping the gun a bit.

What do you catch yourself saying/doing that makes you feel like you're getting older??

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  1. you ARE a grown-up! maybe even more so than me. my sister, who is 8 years old :), got a shark for xmas and raves about it. but i have been thinking about getting a juicer for my bday around the corner. i'm torn between that and clothes . . .see? i'm not grown up quite yet. and yes, totally jumping the gun with the 80s music. sheez!

  2. cute blog, I found you through the steen style blog. I find myself saying kids these days too lol! its funny how I am now the "old" one in the car with the kids. I don't feel old or uncool.

    My blog is www.skinnyonadime.com. Come check it out if you like :0)

  3. I got a Shark 2 years ago. Best-Gift-Ever. My kids fight over who gets to use it first. Doesn't make you old when its to fun to use!!

  4. Um we must be two peas in a pod, almost. I was totally eyeballing the sharks at target b/c i have giftcards to spend. but like Melodie i've been thinking about a juicer too. and a mini trampoline b/c they say it's good for the lymphatic system. we listen to a lot of NPR and have even attended wait wait don't tell me LOL! I've too been eating oatmeal although I've always loved hot cereals. The kicker is when i asked the zumba instructor to turn down the music b/c it was too loud. i heard about that for the rest of the class!