Saturday, June 25, 2011


This morning we went to Tom's gym to workout. Before we left the house, I told Tom that today was the day that I would run 2 miles straight, without stopping. And guess what? I did just that! That's right, today I hit my 2 mile milestone! :)

After we got back from the gym and ate a bite of lunch, we went to my in-law's to swim and soak up some sun. At one point I was the only one outside on the deck by the pool and Ruby was behind me near the back door to the house. She started barking at something by the door and would not stop. There's usually a reason that she barks, and I got the feeling something was up. So I went to where she was, by the door to the house, and there were two snakes wrapped up together by a potted plant. Good girl, Ruby, for alerting me that there were snakes! I went inside to tell my in-laws and Tom. My mother-in-law freaked and made my father-in-law go get the snakes and kill them. Eeeew!!! I do NOT like snakes!

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