Friday, October 14, 2011

Timeline Update 3

Timeline Update 2 left off at the beginning of let me continue here with the rest of July forward...

July 2011: On Tuesday, July 19, we had our IVF consultation with Dr. Hansen. He went over the details of the IVF process with us and we had a chance to have any of our preliminary questions answered. Dr. Hansen confirmed that we could begin IVF meds in September. At our consultation, we learned that the first step of the IVF process is to take birth control pills to suppress the ovaries. I found it rather ironic that birth control is the first step of the IVF treatment process.

August 2011: On August 10, I began taking Necon birth control pills. [Btw, Me + birth control = crazy train!]

September 2011: On September 11, I began Lupron injections. Lupron is a medication that prevents ovulation until the appropriate time. I stopped taking Necon birth control pills on September 17. [Hallelujah!] I took Necon for a total of 5 1/2 weeks. [Never again!] On September 23, I added Gonal F injections and Menopur injections to my daily Lupron injections. Here's a pic of all my IVF medications, supplies, and my calendar/paperwork in my Rubbermaid container to keep it all straight. Receiving all the medications and instructions was all quite overwhelming. I need to issue a big THANKS to my IVF nurse, Connie, who reminded me to take it one day at a time. And I would pass that same advice on to anyone else who is going through something similar.  On September 29, I concluded the daily injections of Gonal F.

Scenes from a fertility med junkie...
October 2011:  On October 2, I concluded the daily injections of Lupron and Menopur. I took my hCG injection as the clock struck midnight on the morning of October 3. The hCG injection HAD to be administered exactly 35 hours before the retrieval.  My egg retrieval surgery was done on October 4, and it went really well - 17 eggs were retrieved!  Of the 17 eggs that were retrieved, 12 were mature and usable.  From the 12 that were mature, 10 were fertilized! We did a day 5 transfer (retrieval day is day 0). On October 9, 2 embryos were transferred into my womb. Of the 8 embryos that were left,  2 were candidates to be frozen for the future.  Because we believe that life begins at conception, we are ethically and morally committed to using our 2 frozen embryos and feel very fortunate that we have this option.

I am not disclosing when we will find out the results of this IVF cycle. Unfortunately, we won't really be able to surprise our close friends and family because they have all been on this journey with us.  I had always longed to be able to make a completely "surprise" announcement, but having this journey and being open about it has kind of robbed us of this luxury.  But, it has afforded us the benefit of receiving immeasurable amounts of love, support, prayers, and encouragement - which I am beyond grateful for.  With that being said, we have chosen to keep the exact date of our pregnancy test and the results private until we are ready to share.

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  1. We did IVF with our twins. It is like the roller coaster from hell. My heart is full for you right now as you continue to face the unknown and the anxiety. You have handled this entire process with such grace that I am humbled to hear you story. My prayers are with you.

  2. Hey sweet lady. Whatever the results . . . His peace be with you ALWAYS. I am committed to praying for you and your mister. Love you both!

  3. Thanks for writing this post, Sara. I've been thinking about you guys a lot the past few weeks. Miss you!!

  4. This all looks soo familiar! I'm hopeful for a positive outcome for you!!

  5. I am working on a similar protocol!! Praying this works for you!!

    I am a new follower :)