Monday, December 17, 2012

6 Month/Family Pics

Below are some favorite photos of my little family at the babies' 6 month session taken by our talented photog friend, Abby Coyle. The timing worked out just right for us to use photos from their 6 month session on our 2012 Christmas Card, which just got mailed this past Saturday. I was stuffing, addressing, and stamping at 2:40am on Friday night (Saturday morning) to make it happen. I got in project completion mode and didn't go to bed until the projects on my list were completed. I am a night owl as it is, but then when I get in that mode, I shouldn't even look at the clock as I finally do crawl into bed. It's sometimes better not to know. I digress...

My precious family, my dear husband and my two little miracles, whom I'm holding tighter due to the recent tragedy.

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