Sunday, May 25, 2014

Playroom Organization

I put off the purchase of organizational furniture for the kids' playroom for nearly an entire year. I dragged my feet partially because I just couldn't decide on what pieces I wanted to use, and partially because I wanted to avoid the expense. But with the accumulation of more and more toys and books, I realized I'd better do something about our current system, or lack there of.

I decided on 2 putty colored heavy duty commerical steel bookcases with casters and 1 putty colored heavy duty commercial steel library cart with casters (aka book truck). I love the idea that these pieces are mobile (easy to rearrange) and will hopefully be useful for many years to come after playroom days are gone. (Sometimes I think way too long term.) One thing that sold me on the library cart was a review I read from a mom who said her school aged kids pile their books and homework on it to clear off the kitchen table to make room for dinner. The cart can then be rolled out of the way or off to a kid's room. For now, we will just use it as a book shelf for our most used books and toys.

To add some color and further storage for smaller toys, I decided on 6 colorful striped cube bins to go on the lower shelves of the bookcases.  Now I'm just impatiently waiting on everything to be delivered so I can finally get our playroom better organized!

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