Saturday, February 6, 2010

Changing it up

Okay, I already want to change the appearance of my blog. It's a bit busy and there are so many cute backgrounds out there to choose from. I'm thinking I will be giving it a makeover soon. I'm one of those gals who would rearrange our furniture every other month if the layout of our house was conducive to it. The way our furniture is now is pretty much the way it's going to have to stay though. I also make up alternate ways to commute to and from work because the monotony of the same route day in and day out just gets to me. I just like to change things up a little from time to time.

Today was a good Saturday. Tom (husband) and I were able to relax in the morning and have a bout of productivity in the afternoon/evening. One thing on the agenda was getting our cars washed and fitted with new windshield wipers. We hadn't washed our cars since before the Christmas Eve blizzard and the filth on them from the December and January snow/ice storms was driving me absolutely NUTS! Watch it rain tomorrow because we washed them. Hopefully our inclement winter weather is behind us. I believe I am ready for newness of springtime.

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