Saturday, February 13, 2010

Good Day Sunshine!

Today was a beautiful day. The sun was out and it was in the upper 50's, so Tom and I decided to get outside and enjoy it. We took a walk through our neighborhood in the late afternoon and then decided head out to Lake Hefner to read and have a dinner picnic. We didn't want to go out like everyone else since it was the day before Valentine's Day and we figured every restaurant and movie theater would probably be packed. We got out to the lake and laid down some blankets and settled in to read for a bit before we called in some dinner from Red Rock Canyon Grill (one of my favorites). Tom called in our food and left to go pick it up and I made the decision that the picnic was not going to happen because it was REALLY chilly out by the lake. When Tom got back to our picnic site I had everything packed up and told him it was too cold to stay and he agreed. So we took our take-out food home to eat it.

A week or so ago Tom got a card in the mail from Helzberg Jewelers with a Valentine's Day deal for a free pearl bracelet (no strings attached) that expires on Feb. 14th. So after we ate dinner I asked Tom if we could go by the mall to redeem the Helzberg offer. Tom went into Helzberg while I looked around in a few other stores. I met up with him and he said they ran out of the bracelets so they gave him a pair of pearl earrings instead. That was fine by me. I'm not a big bracelet person anyway. I'll take a free pair of pearl earrings any day!

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  1. I got a free pair too! I wear them all the time and save the one's I wore on my wedding day for more special occasions.

  2. Hi Sara! Love your blog! It's nice to keep updated on what is going on with you guys. Sounds like your time at the lake was fun :) Tim, Makena, and I went to Primo's for an early Valentine's dinner on Saturday night. Miss you all! Kyla

  3. didn't even know you were blogging until i came across it this weekend. i will be reading. :)