Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Joy to the World!

I had high hopes for sending cute photo Christmas cards this year. But it just didn't happen. I had arranged for my friend and her fancy-shmancy Canon to snap a few shots of Tom, Ruby, and I in Norman on OU's campus a few Saturdays ago. But I'm not liking my new smile courtesy of the torturous springs connected to my braces. Let's just say my smile is kinda bumpy right now. Plus it was cold and windy all that weekend. So I canceled and gave up b/c I was kinda behind the game on it anyways. So now you get my lazy digital excuse of a Christmas card. But the message is still the same. ;)

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1 comment:

  1. braces? i did not know. and i can't even see them. amazing! i could have used that kind when i was 15. cute picture. and merry christmas crawfords!