Tuesday, December 7, 2010

3 Things

This is my last post on our Christmas decor I promise. I recently ordered 3 things (okay technically 4 because one thing is a pair) online to complete our Christmas decorations and they've all arrived!

1. Monogrammed Tree Skirt:

We've never had a tree skirt, and its not for lack of shopping for one. Because I have, I've just never found one that I loved. And I've always wanted a monogrammed one. In years past I just bunched up gold mesh fabric around the base of the tree and called it good. But now our tree officially has a skirt. I found this tree skirt online at Pottery Barn Kids on sale. And because our tree is skinny, the smaller dimensions of the "kids" tree skirt are fine. I think it will be perfect when we eventually get a bigger tree too because I had to fold the material over at the seam because it's a little too big.

2. Needlepoint stocking for Ruby:

This is our first Christmas with our 8 month old puppy Ruby, so of course I had to get her a stocking of her very own. It is needlepoint, to keep with our tradition. Her name is monogrammed on it and the scene is of 2 dogs sledding. I know she's spoiled...

3. Wreath Stands as Stocking Holders:

The black wreath stands I blogged about here work just great as stocking holders since we don't have a mantle.

I think Ruby is going to get some new toys in her stocking. She's pretty rough on them. According to my mom, she has bionic
jaws. Note the former rope pictured below.

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