Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trying My Hand

I recently decided to try my hand at "word art" [I guess that's what you call it]. I used picnik to create three pieces of word art to give as gifts. Now that I've given them to their recipients, I can show them on here without spoiling the surprise.

The first piece is a quote containing my word for the year, HOPE. I found out my good friend Vickey shares the same esteem as I do for the theme of HOPE. So along with making this for myself, I had to make one for Vickey as well.

The second piece is some girly subway art for baby Finley, the soon-to-be born daughter of my good friend Julie.

The third piece is Finley's name over her initial.

I wanted to use really cute white ornate frames for my word art, but I couldn't find any in an 8x10 size or any that were reasonably priced. I couldn't even find any true white frames for that matter. So I improvised.

I bought some basic reasonably priced silver frames and I spray painted them with glossy white spray paint.

I can't wait to create more word art on picnik!

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1 comment:

  1. Too funny! I have the same hope quote on our mantel for this spring! Although yours is 10 times cuter than my little word document! :) I need to try my hand at this great website! Love it!