Sunday, May 8, 2011


Mother's Day evokes an array of emotions for many. For me, the emotions are bittersweet.

The sweet...

I count myself extremely blessed to have my mom on this earth walking through life with me. She is my go-to consultant for many things from cooking advice, stain removal, career moves, to how to navigate through life's toughest moments. And when the day comes that I enter into motherhood, I will turn to her for mommy advice. I hope to be even half of the wonderful woman and mother that she is.

The bitter...

This day is an abundantly emphasized day which unfortunately serves as a painful reminder of the deep longing that fills my heart. I thought for sure Mother's Day 2010 would be the last one I would spend as a "Mommy-in-Waiting." But what a sweet sweet day of rejoicing I will have when I get to celebrate my first Mother's Day as a mommy. Thank you Mom, for the shining example you've provided for me when that day comes.

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  1. really hoping that next year looks alot different for you. and i'm sorry your having to go down this hard road. even though i would do it a million times over for many different reasons, i do still remember the pain. and for that reason, i'm sorry your having to walk through this right now.