Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Timeline Update 1

Written on May 4, May 10, & May 17, 2011

Sorry for the continued heavy blog content. But, it's update time - and this is real life...

April 2011: On Friday, April 22nd, I went to my first appointment for IUI Round 3. We did 7 days of shots and had the actual insemination on Saturday, April 30th. As I type this, I am 2 days shy of being 1 week into the LONG two week wait (TWW). The TWW is the time you must wait between the time of ovulation/IUI and testing for pregnancy.

May 2011: On Friday, May 6th, I had my 1 week post IUI check-up appointment just to take a look at my follicles, lining and such. I may have only had 2 eggs this round, which isn't much better than a normal cycle w/o meds.

On Saturday, May 14th, I had my appointment to determine pregnancy. I knew the answer was 'not pregnant' beforehand because my body doesn't even make it through the TWW before it tells me itself that I'm not pregnant. So, the pregnancy test appointment has just been a formality for me. I had prepared for a resting month after Round 3 and my Dr. determined it wasn't needed. That would normally be good news, but because I planned on having to take a resting month, we scheduled to go on vacation with friends. The vacation falls smack dab in the middle of when we would need to be seeing the Dr., so we could not proceed immediately with Round 4. We essentially took a resting month on our own terms. Good thing the study allows participants to take 1 resting cycle. Kinda ironic that the only round where we could have immediately progressed, we actually couldn't because of scheduling and not due to my body. I'm taking this in stride and trying to remember it is not about MY timing. We also need to go ahead and live our life and get out of the infertility holding pattern. I'm done giving infertility so much control and being defined by it. I firmly believe our getaway/vacation with friends is going to be a much needed rest for my soul.

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  1. so glad you're going on a vacay! the "infertility holding pattern" ...isn't that the truth! those waits each month are terrible. go and enjoy yourself this month!

  2. This post makes my heart sad for you. We did In-vitro and it was an emotional roller coaster. The two week waiting period was by far the hardest. On the day I went in to have my pregnancy test I had a car accident in the parking garage. Just shoes how unfocused your mind can be on all that is around. I hope you and the hubs have a fantastic vacation.