Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Workin' On My Fitness

Back on Monday, April 4th, I decided I was done being 30+ lbs overweight and that I was ready to tackle the extra baggage I've accumulated. I have been idle with my health and trying to get back in shape for the past two years, part of the lovely infertility holding pattern I'm determined to get out of. I used to think, "Any day now, I'll be pregnant. So why don't I just wait to get into shape until after I have a baby?" Silly thought, but admittedly, it's true.

My first step in getting healthier and fit was downloading the app, My Net Diary. With the app, I created my plan and plugged in all my key information and began using it religiously. I input EVERYTHING I eat and it counts my calories. I also input any activity/exercise I do and the app assigns a caloric value to each activity. I am not only counting calories, I am trying to make healthy choices with the food I eat. At the end of the day it shows me an analysis of my total calorie deficit. Along with counting calories, I have been hitting the gym at least 5 times a week (sometimes more, schedule permitting).

My first weight loss goal was to lose 13 lbs by the time Tom and I leave for vacation. From April 4th to date, I have lost 12.8 lbs. And yes, I am counting that .8 lbs because that means I am only 2 oz from meeting my first goal! Even if I don't end up dropping those 2 oz by the time we leave, I have succeeded in my first goal by 98%. I think that's a pretty dern good margin of success!

I have noticed that my muscle tone is improving, my clothes are fitting looser, and my energy level has greatly increased. But there are days where I don't think I can keep it up and days that I get really discouraged if the scale doesn't move. This post is to serve as me going on record with what I've been doing in hopes that it will create some accountability for myself.

At a later date, I will post my new weight loss goal.

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  1. Congratulations Sara! That's a great accomplishment and every tenth of a pound counts! My only advice is make sure not to weigh every day. Really once a week on the same day around the same time is probably best. Take it from someone who let the scale dictate my mood each day. Be sure to take measurements too because that will tell you a lot especially when the scale is cooperating ;-)

  2. look at you go! congratulations!

  3. Shut up. 13 lbs, yes it's 13 to me, in less than 2 months!!! That's so awesome!!