Friday, July 8, 2011

Inching Closer

In the midst of a tough/emotional week, I received some unexpected positive news yesterday that I wanted to document. In the beginning of our IUI study at OU, nurse Michelle was required to take down my waist and hip measurements. I didn't look at the tape measure while she measured me nor did I ask what the numbers were. I didn't want to know. As I posted yesterday, the study has been concluded for us. So at my final study appointment yesterday, Michelle had to measure my waist and hips again. I asked her to compare the two sets of measurements so I could see how many inches I've lost. She didn't have my old chart in front of her at the time, so she emailed them to me later that day. I was so pumped to see the comparison!

Waist: Down 4.3"
Hips: Down 3.5"

On a side note, I previously made a goal to lose 12 lbs by July 29, and I know right now that is not going to happen. But I'm not going to beat myself up over it. I also may have made too lofty of a goal. I don't like making excuses, but I have to say, fertility medication hampered my progress. I'm just proud of myself for a.) losing weight at all and b.) losing weight during 4 rounds of fertility drugs! :)

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