Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Décor

For quite sometime Tom and I have wanted a little something else to hang on the wall that our TV sits against. And I guess this is the week I was ready to pull the trigger on the ideas that were floating around in my head.

Idea #1:
Every time I've shopped at Hobby Lobby in recent months, I've eyed the gold polystone letters for our living room. So, the same day I bought my 50% off glass cloche, I bought a 50% off "S, " "T," and "&" to hang to the left of our TV.

Idea #2:
I received this idea back when we were shopping for bathroom mirrors for our newly remodeled guest bathroom. I came across a quatrefoil shaped mirror at Lowe's and really wanted to use it for the vanity mirror, but the dimensions were wrong. I couldn't stop thinking of the mirror and its gorgeous shape. I brainstormed of ways to incorporate it into our home, and finally decided it would look great in our living room, hung to the right of our TV.

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