Sunday, January 1, 2012

This Year

Today, on this first day of the year, I have been thinking on the things that will be in 2012.  Although, I can't help but revisit this time 1 year ago as 2011 was beginning. Tom and I were sitting in a booth one evening on a date at Cheesecake Factory discussing our thoughts on the new year. On that date I presented my theme of HOPE for 2011. I wanted to focus on practicing the discipline of constantly realigning my HOPE in Christ alone, regardless of life's circumstances.  I also presented that I still had the hope of having a child, but that specific hope was not my foundation.

I can assure you, although 2011 began with much HOPE, it was quickly met with repeated heartache, disappointment, and struggles that undoubtedly caused my HOPE to wax and wane.  The 4 fertility treatments we started the year with did not work.  We moved on to more aggressive treatments and I did not have a child in 2011.  BUT, the burden of infertility was lifted and we learned that we will have 2 children in 2012!  I still carry infertility with me in my heart, it doesn't just go away as soon as that test turns positive.  I can still empathize 100% with those still in the throes of infertility's pain. I still carry the journey and the lessons that the Lord taught me as I was waiting.  Let me just say with a sincere heart, God is faithful.  I do not say He is faithful just because He answered my specific prayer.  He would still be faithful even if He chose not to.  I'd like to borrow some phraseology from one of my favorite hymns [Great is Thy Faithfulness] to convey why He is faithful:

He changes not
His compassions fail not
As He has been, He forever will be
He pardons our sin
His peace endures
He provides strength for today
And a bright HOPE for tomorrow

I am excitedly greeting 2012 with open arms.  This year I will celebrate 6 years of marriage to my best friend and we will meet our first 2 children.  I cannot wait to see what else is in store for us in the months ahead.

Happy New Year!
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