Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 16

How Far Along:  16 Weeks

Size of Babies: The Babies are the size of an avocado and weigh approximately 3.5 ounces each

Total Weight Gain: +1 lb, as of my last appointment on December 22. On January 19, I'll have another appointment where I'll learn how much more I've gained.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, I'm now wearing them more and more.  I finally broke down and got some maternity dress slacks for work.  My pre-pregnancy slacks were cutting my belly in half. My new slacks will definitely be more comfortable when seated at my desk all day.  

Gender: I thought we were finding out on January 19th, but it's now the 31st. Boo!

Movement: I've seen them move on ultrasounds, but I can't feel them yet

Sleep:  Interrupted nightly for multiple potty breaks and mild discomfort

What I Miss: Doing intense circuit training workouts and feeling the good exhaustion afterwards

Cravings: Pepsi :)

Symptoms:  Some days I am hungry all day long and I can't seem to get enough to eat. Then I'll have days where I'm not nearly as hungry.  I think my hungry days are growth spurt days for the babies. Heightened pregnancy allergies kicked in last weekend in full force. They brought with them a sinus headache, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, and coughing.

Best Moment(s) So Far:  Celebrating the New Year knowing what is to come!

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  1. Wow you are just moving along! Can't believe you are nearing the halfway point (+4weeks) :-) I'm so pumped for you. I'd love to meet for some decaf tea or coffee sometime soon! xo