Saturday, March 3, 2012

Austin Anniversary Trip Day 3 Recap

Austin: Day 3 - Sunday, February 26

On Sunday morning we had an early brunch at Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill. Having Sunday brunch at Moonshine was a 'must do' per my friend Amanda. So, of course we had to follow her suggestion. It was so good and I was incredibly full ALL day from it.

After brunch, we visited Jen & Brandon Hatmaker's church, Austin New Church (ANC). Jen Hatmaker is an amazingly challenging and witty author/speaker.  I've heard her speak several times, I've read her books, and I read her blog. [She's also friends with some of my friends.] If her name is not familiar to you, click on her name above to see her blog and check her out!

Side Note to the Day 3 Recap:
ANC was participating in Freedom Sunday, promoting awareness and action against human trafficking/sex slavery. ANC is combating human trafficking in Haiti by partnering with H.E.L.P. to build safe homes for female orphans who have aged out of orphanages. These homes built by donations will change the lives of these victimized/enslaved young women by giving them a safe dwelling away from the danger of those who use/abuse them as sex slaves. 

God got a hold of our hearts in a big way through the stories of those who had been to Haiti, pictures, and the original song sung by worship leader, Lamar Stockton. Sex trafficking IS NOT okay and we could not merely watch and learn of these efforts and just walk out of that church without committing with them to combat this terrible, real, and huge issue. If this is something you feel you should give towards, please check out this site out to help: garagesale4orphans, an initiative of H.E.L.P.  The previous link will take you to H.E.L.P.'s active projects and you will see Jen Hatmaker's Anti-Trafficking Home #1, in which the readers of her book, "7" are donating to. It only takes $6,000 to build a house! That is crazy cheap compared with what our houses in America cost. With enough donations, several houses could be built and lives forever changed!

Back to the recap:
Still full from brunch, we skipped lunch went to enjoy the beautiful weather at Zilker Park on Town Lake.  After relaxing at and strolling around the park, we went to a local Austin ice creamery, Amy's Ice Cream. I got a yummy Mexican vanilla cone and Tom got the coffee lobster mix (coffee ice cream with heath bar mixed in and topped with hot fudge). No idea why 'lobster' is in the name, probably just because Austin is weird. :) After Amy's, Tom wanted to drive over to the campus of University of Texas at Austin and check it out. Don't worry we documented a horns down in front of the humongous stadium.

Tom wanted Mexican food for dinner, so we dined at Guero's Taco Bar on South Congress.  It was alright, but nothing compared to our Mexican food back home.

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