Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Name Game

Our sweet babies have names...

'Grady' is the name of Tom's great grandfather on his dad's side.  Tom's family thinks he favors Grady in the looks department.  After I learned this family name, before I ever got pregnant, Tom and I decided we loved that name and would like to use it if we had a son.  'Warren' is the name of Tom's grandfather on his dad's side and subsequently Tom's middle name, which I've always loved.  So there you have it, Grady Warren is our son! :)

'Wren' is kind of from out of nowhere and Tom and I just like it. Wren means songbird, which I hope she is. :)  I can't wait to sing with her (and Grady too). 'Elizabeth' is a beautiful name that is dear to my heart.  It is my mom's name and is also my middle name.  I learned not too long ago that it's also the middle name of Tom's grandmother on his dad's side.

We didn't necessarily set out to use mostly family names, but it just kind of worked out that way.

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  1. love both of the names. especially Wren. haven't heard that one EVER. beautiful. :)