Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Week 32

How Far Along:  32 Weeks (at 31.2 weeks, my doctor said I was measuring like a 39 week singleton pregnancy)

Size of Babies:  As of my April 26th ultrasound, Wren weighs an estimated 3 lbs 13 oz and Grady weighs an estimated 3 lbs 11 oz

Total Weight Gain: +41 lbs total as of my April 26th appointment  :/

Maternity Clothes: I wear mostly maternity clothes, but I can still wear some of my regular dresses

Gender: It's a Boy and Girl - Grady Warren and Wren Elizabeth! :) :)

Movement: LOTS of movement

Sleep:  The couch is winning for the most effective place to rest

What I Miss: Sleeping on my tummy

Cravings: SWEETS!

Symptoms: Carpel Tunnel, lower back pain, swelling, and fatigue

I am in the beginning of my 3rd week of decreased activity/modified bed rest. There are definitely pros and cons. The slower pace has been so nice. I am definitely less worn out and my blood pressure is mostly staying in the safe zone. However, it's been an adjustment because it was such an abrupt change going from working full-time to being home full-time. Not to sound too dramatic, but it's kind of caused a slight identity crisis for me. I must say that I have the most loving friends and family who have helped support me/us in this transition.  They have graciously blessed me/us with many visits and meals.  We feel so grateful and spoiled by all the love!

Best Moment(s) So Far: Over the past week and a half, Tom and I have spent parts of our evenings sitting in the nursery, just talking and enjoying the the transformation that the room has made.  It's been a sweet time for us to spend together and hear what's on each other's mind regarding our impending life change. And almost nightly, Tom has selflessly and sweetly rubbed my sore swollen feet and legs.  The frequent foot rubs have helped with circulation and swelling and I am SO appreciative that he is willing to serve me in that way.

Another "best moment" was last Sunday. I was sitting in the rocker/recliner in the nursery with my laptop in my lap listening to and singing along with our 'Lullaby' playlist on iTunes.  Immediately after I started singing, I felt really big kicks from Wren's side of my tummy.  She liked it! [That's how I'm interpreting it anyways.]  I told Tom to put his hand on my tummy because I knew he would want to feel what she was doing.  It was really sweet how much she responded to my singing.

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  1. Stay positive friend. I went on bed rest at 28 weeks and it was so hard. But looking back I am so glad. I was as rested as I could be when I brought my sweet babies home. You are on the down hill side and they will be here before you know. Let me know if you need anything. I've been there.