Sunday, September 23, 2012


Today Tom, Grady, Wren, and I participated in Parent-Child Dedication (aka Baby Dedication) at our church, Council Road Baptist. Our church defines this time of dedication as:

•A time to commit to God, yourself and others, to raise your child(ren) with His help.
•A promise to do everything you can throughout their lives to teach and train them to follow God, to lead a Christ-centered life and to develop a personal relationship with Him.
•A promise to love and nurture the child(ren) God has blessed you with.
•A sign of humility, recognizing that you need God's help and wisdom in caring for the gift of life He has given you.

The dedication service allows parents to make a public commitment to raise their child(ren) in a Christian home and to provide them with information to help them one day have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Baby dedication services at our church over the past 3 years were typically pretty difficult days for me due to infertility. Occasionally we would happen miss these Sundays for one reason or another, and honestly, I always breathed a sigh of relief when it worked out that way. Today, as I was mentally preparing for church, my heart was filled with thankfulness that I have been given 2 little miracles to dedicate to the Lord. This is yet another unbelievably surreal milestone in our parenthood journey.

Grammy, Granddad, [Great] Granny Wilma, Oma, PawPaw, [Great] Grandpa Crawford, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Karla, Tyler, Michael, Uncle Bryan, Aunt Tiffany, T.J. and Mac all came to church to see the babies get dedicated. After church we all went out to lunch together.

Due to the busyness of the morning, the nice camera that I brought to church never made it out of its bag. So all I have at the moment are iphone pics. Grady got all dressed up in his bowtie. And don't mind Wren's bib, we were trying to preserve her pretty lace dress until after her big moment in front of the church. Today was their first time to wear shoes, they didn't know what to think when I was putting them on.

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  1. Is it a problem I can't look at this family picture without crying? (Of course I mean happy/grateful cry, but still...)
    ps don't worry I will have my camera charged and an empty memory card ready to get hundreds of them at the wedding :)