Saturday, September 22, 2012


Just postin some in.sties for the record book...

[09.03.12 - 09.21.12]

seriously cute #putabirdonit


First trip to the grocery store with a baby. 
Wren did pretty good. Brother stayed home with Dad.


Listen here son...

Who says you can't wear a tutu with your pj's?

[9.8.12] #myworld

Help! Mommy is playing dress up with us!

Perfect day for a hoodie, or two!

Pretty rain-kissed petals...

Say a prayer for me, at Sam's alone with these 2! #neverdonethisbefore

Silly I know, but I teared up tonight bc my babies no longer need
these small bottles. In early NICU days they used to eat ~1 oz per
feed. Now they will eat 6 oz per feed. #preemieprogress

So many babies!

 This is for those that ask me if they cry at the same time. #feisty

 Cutie patooties! 
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