Sunday, October 7, 2012

Grady & Wren: 5 Months


Grady's Stats: 13 lbs 9 oz / 23 inches

Wren's Stats: 14 lbs  1 oz / 24 inches

Grady's Clothing & Diaper Size: 3 Month/3-6 Month clothes and Size 2 diapers

Wren's Clothing & Diaper Size: 3 Month/3-6 Month clothes and Size 2 diapers

Special Outings: Sunday, September 11, was your first Sunday in the church nursery. One of the sweet baby room volunteers, Mary Ann, wrote this message on my Facebook wall about what you did on your first Sunday in her room. I'm so thankful she posted this message for me, it's such a big milestone for mommy and you guys! Sounds like you guys had a great time and had lots of ladies to love on you.

On Wednesday, September 12, we went back downtown to see Miss Sherri at Mommy's old office. She knitted a blanket for you, Grady, and crocheted a blanket for you, Wren. She wasn't there the first time I took you to the office, so we made a special trip to see her.

On Thursday, September 13, we went to visit Daysha, Lyndon, and Denton at their house in Yukon for a few hours in the afternoon. You had lots of fun and Miss Daysha got to help Mommy and love on you guys.

On Saturday, September 15, I took you both to Sam's to shop for a few items. Daddy met us there after he helped a friend with truck trouble. Sam's is the only place where the carts are big enough to put both of your carriers in at the same time. Of course, if both of you are in the cart, I only have the underneath area to hold our items. Obviously I can only do this when we have very few items on our list. I had it under control, even if Daddy hadn't met up with us after we had been there for a bit. But I'm glad he came in his own car because I didn't take the stroller out of the back of the car and our loot wouldn't have fit very well otherwise.

On Sunday, September 23, our church had a baby dedication for you along with several other babies. During the dedication service, your Daddy and I committed to teach and train you to: follow God, to lead a Christ-centered life, and to develop a relationship with the Lord.

On Tuesday, October 2, we had our first play date with babies around your age at Miss Paula's house. We played with Caleb and his momma, Paula; Cora and her momma, Hillary; and Sawyer and his momma, Amber. In total there were 5 babies, 2 big kids, and 4 mommas. It was surprisingly not a zoo and we had a very nice time. The other mommas helped me love on you and feed you. So thankful for their help with you on top of taking care of their own babies!

On Friday, October 5, you went on your first road trip to see Aunt Blaire get married in Tulsa. The trip started with a 1.5 hour detour, but despite that you both were exceptional travelers. There was minimal fussing both going to Tulsa and coming home. We stayed in a hotel after the wedding and you slept the whole night in hotel cribs. Your Daddy and I are so proud of how well you did.

On Saturday, October 6, we went to visit Aunt Heather and Uncle Steven at their new house in Tulsa and then we went out to eat lunch with them before heading home. We had a great weekend away from home but all four us were pretty exhausted from our little trip.

Milestones: You both are great nighttime sleepers. We have swaddled you every night until last night (October 6). You have been repeatedly getting your arms out and we figured you are over being swaddled. Mommy and Daddy are not over swaddling yet because it helps you fall asleep quickly. After we put you down without your swaddles on last night, you cried off and on for a few hours, but you both finally fell asleep and stayed that way until 7:00am. You normally sleep from when we put you down at 8:30pm to 6:00am, so about 9 1/2 hours a night. You are also becoming sturdier and stronger. Wren you like to fully extend your strong little legs and "stand up" in anything we try to buckle you into (the stroller, swing, bouncy seat, and car seat). You have both become so much more interactive when you are spoken and sung to. You are "talking" more and now laughing and squealing. You can tell the difference between people you know and strangers. You've both started grasping the toys hanging from your play mat. You also grasp hair, necklaces, our shirts, and your burp rags. You've found your hands and oftentimes they are in your mouth, especially you Wren. When we put you on your tummies for tummy time you are starting to push up more than before. You have not rolled from your tummy to back yet. We are still working on that skill.

My Thoughts:  Your small bottles that hold up to 5 ounces are no longer needed. It really got to me. I teared up and was simultaneously happy and sad. It spurred me to go back and read the update emails that the NICU sent on your behalf to Daddy and me every night. You used to only take +/-1 ounce per feeding (we had to measure your intake in mL), first by feeding tube and then by bottle. Now you are taking 6 ounces at each feeding. We are so proud of the progress you have made! It was hard to see past the heaviness of the NICU days when we were in it, but you have soared past those hurdles with flying colors. You are both incredible miracles that I get to hug, squeeze, kiss, and nurture. 

These days our routine looks roughly like this:
6:00am Feed
6:30am-9:45am Nap
10:15am Feed
10:45am-1:30pm Playtime/Tummy time/Cat naps
1:30pm Feed
2:00pm-4:00pm Playtime/Nap
4:00pm-5:00pm Playtime
5:15pm Feed
5:30pm-7:30pm Playtime/Tummy time/Cat naps/Bath-time
8:00pm Feed
8:30pm Bedtime

Favorites: Being spoken to, sung to, our bedtime routine, and your new johnny and jenny jump-up toys

Dislikes:  You both still hate tummy time with a passion. Grady, you get so upset when you finish a bottle and we take it out of your mouth.  You have started throwing royal fits over this. It is out of control! We have to have a paci close by for you to keep sucking on after your bottle is finished.

Food:  At your 4 month appointment, your doctor said you could stop using Similac Neosure Premature formula. We received samples of Similac Advance, Similac Sensitive (for fussiness and gas), and Similac Spit-Up. Now that we have tried all of those formulas, we have decided that Similac Sensitive is the best fit for you both right now.

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