Saturday, October 20, 2012

T-Shirts and Small Projects

I love Saturdays because we can spend the whole day together as a family and I get Tom's help with the babies. I can even run a few errands on my own and leave the babies home with him for a little bit. I knew today was the release of some new Thunder shirts at Tree & Leaf, so I ran to pick some up for me and my crew. I can't get over how cute my sugars are in their little Rumble T's!

And here's my new Thunder shirt!

I've been brainstorming ideas for a small project: organizing Wren's hair accessories. After I picked up our Thunder-wear, I stopped at Hobby Lobby to get a few items for my little project. 

I purchased this precious wrought iron 5-prong wall hook for $8.99 (40% off of $14.99 with a coupon). I also bought 2 white command hooks for $4.99, and a 4-pack of D-rings in the fabric section for $1.99 for the other part of the project. The total for this project was $15.99.

When I got home, I hung the hook on the back of the nursery door because there wasn't an open spot for it on any of the nursery walls. 

Next, I sifted through my big bag of various ribbon pieces. (Okay, it's actually my mom's bag that I confiscated a while back.) After I found 4 pieces of ribbon that were long enough, I trimmed them, heat sealed the ends, and hot-glued them around the D-rings.

After I finished gluing the ribbon on the rings, I hung the rings on the prongs and clipped Wren's bows onto the ribbons. I left the middle prong open for headbands. Pretty simple, and I think it turned out pretty cute!

Since I had all my crafting supplies and ribbon out and I was in a project mood, I decided that Wren needed a bow to go with her Thunder shirt, a brown bow, and a white bow. I think I got a little carried away with the white bow. She'll just have to grow into it! Ha! ;)

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