Friday, November 2, 2012

The Great Pumpkins

Wren and Grady were pumpkins for their First Halloween. I changed my mind several times in regards to costumes for them. At first, I decided that since they were too young to trick-or-treat, they didn't need costumes. Then, I decided they needed to have these adorable chenille lion and lamb costumes, but I couldn't justify the price since they can't even walk yet. So I settled for some Carter's sale costumes that were a great price. Each costume included the plush fleece zip-up hooded pumpkin, striped leggings, and a long sleeve t-shirt for $15. It's safe to say that a precious little pumpkin is just a classic First Halloween costume. I was impressed that neither of them got mad when we put them in their costumes. They tolerated it rather nicely. 

We took our little punkin patch to our church's Fall Festival on Saturday, October 27. We didn't stay all that long since the babies couldn't participate in any of the activities. We pretty much went to socialize with friends and to have a place for them to wear their costumes.

The following pics are from a little photo session I had with the babies on Halloween day. They're wearing the underneath part of their costumes and the bibs their Grammy gave them.

Wren was obviously done with the mamarazzi. Grady was less than a willing participant at this point as well. He looks a bit perturbed, maybe because of his sister's screaming or that I put him in tights. Sorry buddy, I'll never make you wear them again.

Can't forget sweet Ruby

On Halloween evening we took a walk with the babies in costume before it was time to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters. Obviously Grady couldn't contain his excitement.
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