Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two Things

I thought I'd show you two "happies" I recently discovered .

First thing:
A few weeks ago a friend of mine,
Heather, had a Silpada jewelry party with another friend, Jessica (who is a Silpada rep), and I ordered a pair of earrings that Heather recommended.
They arrived in the mail on Saturday and I've worn them the past three days. Heather said this might happen because they go with everything. If you like these earrings or if you would like to see other cute sterling silver jewelry, you should check out Jessica's Silpada page, it is http://mysilpada.com/sites/jessica.rimmer/private/content/home.jsf. On that page there is an online catalog with all of the jewelry in it.

These are the earrings:

Second thing:
I've never preferred tea or been much of tea drinker. But lately, I've warmed to it and have been trying several different kinds.
There's a place in Penn Square Mall called Teavana that sells expensive yummy tea and they always have samples. So every time I'm at Penn Square I swing by and get a sample. One of the ones I like there is Samurai Chai Mate. I love it's spicy flavor. But, let's be real, it's not practical to spend a lot of money on tea. So I buy this equally as yummy, less expensive substitute by Celestial Seasonings called Bengal Spice.

It's really yummy if you add a little milk and sugar (I use splenda). I know those of you who have been drinking tea forever have probably already heard of it, but it's new to me!


  1. Bengal Spice? Who knew!!! Thanks for the tip! Samurai Chai Mate is one of my absolute faves and I spent a WAD at teavana to take that home. Remorse set in followed my justifications and eventually enjoyment. It's just not a habit I can keep up.

  2. I hear you friend, hopefully you will like Bengal Spice!