Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Ruby Girl!

If you don't like dogs or think dog lovers are weird or wrong, then don't read on...

Our puppy Ruby [aka Rubes, Ruby Dooby, Rubilicious Dog], turned 2 today! No matter how old she is, I will still refer to her as a 'puppy.'

We got Ruby on June 11, 2010.  It's hard to believe we've had her for almost 2 years! She is beyond adorable and has the sweetest temperament. She makes it so fun to come home after a long day because I know without a doubt I will be greeted with exuberant tail wagging, hugs, and kisses.

Although she is just a dog, she has been therapeutic for me in many ways. She comforted me and softened the pain I would repeatedly feel during all the months we tried to get pregnant. She was also by my side comforting me at my parents' house the night my granny passed away. She is very intuitive and knows when I am crying and upset because she'll crawl up in my lap and put her sweet face right up by mine. She's the ultimate cuddle bug and has to be by me or Tom at all times. She definitely fulfills her roll as a lap dog perfectly.

I am so glad I wore Tom down on the idea of getting a dog for our family. I love it when he mentions out of the blue how glad he is that we got her. Ruby has worked her way into his heart and converted him from his non-dog person ways. ;) That'a girl Rubes!

I got out my iPhone to take a picture of her this morning and she laid down with this pose.  What a lady. :)

Poor thing will soon have 4 little hands pulling and tugging her ears and tail. But I know by watching how calm and docile she is around the children of our family and friends that she will be sweet with our babies, which makes my heart happy.

We love you Rubes!  We are glad you chose us as your family!

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  1. she is very cute. :) and i used to be a dog person a few short years ago...not sure what happened. and one more thing, Ruby and I share our b-day.